Add Beauty to Your Yard with a Cedar Wood Fence

The classic beauty and rustic appeal of a Cedar Wood Fence is hard to beat. Dakota Fence uses Western Red Cedar Wood because it is naturally resistant to rot and infestation.

Get longevity and reliability out of your cedar fence with our steel post system. Designed to withstand high winds and heavy rain, our steel post system will never rot or warp. This allows you to have a fence engineered with the strength of steel and the beauty of natural cedar.

Whether decorative, private, or semi-private, we have the fence you need to complete the yard of your dreams. Ask about our financing options.

Cedar Wood Fencing Styles:

  • Solid Vertical Dog Ear
  • Alternating Vertical
  • Alternating Vertical Decorative Scallop
  • Solid Vertical Decorative Scallop
  • Charleswood
  • Split Rail
  • Custom