#BlueNews: Fall 2021 Recap

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As we get ready to wrap up 2021, we’ve recapped some of the exciting events and projects that have kept us moving forward this fall and into the new year.


As fall is known as a season of change, we have certainly seem some growth within the Blue Family these past few months. Since July, we have welcomed 48 individuals to our Blue Family and we couldn’t be more excited!

These new members have joined all five of our Blue Family companies: Dakota Fence, 3D Specialties, Dakota Playground, Sign Solutions USA, Park & Play USA:

  • Isaac Johnson
  • Brandon Geffre
  • Scott Cherney
  • Amelia Holmquist
  • Ethan Sandhofner
  • Garth Mogard
  • Carrie Tate
  • Jon Pepple
  • Codey McCloud
  • Marcus Yester
  • James Linseth
  • Rebecca Engle
  • Ethan Magrum
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Nicholas McGinley
  • Joshua McCann
  • Anthony Sandhofner
  • Mathew Koeller
  • Kasey Chesley
  • Mitchell Dummer
  • Tanner Schenfisch
  • Adan Cabello Tumbaga
  • Andrew Nelson
  • Joshua Smith
  • Jessica Verhey
  • Sutton Bourquin
  • Lee Olson
  • Janelle Tryman
  • William Bader
  • Mackenzie Stowell
  • Angel Labrador
  • Matthew Leintz
  • Regan Nelson
  • Stacey Schlafer
  • Robin Mason
  • Cody Otto
  • Danielle Verhey
  • Jacob Hermanson
  • Kyra Johnson
  • Shawn Eidenschink
  • Mitchell Morrison
  • Elija Fitzpatrick
  • Jackson Novacek
  • Jeremy Meixner
  • Brandon Cox
  • Jacob Nilson

Along with these family additions, we also welcomed a new company this fall with the launch of Park & Play USA. This is our newest spin-off entity under the DFC Company umbrella branching off from Dakota Playground. Park & Play USA will oversee site amenities, sports & recreation products, and spectator seating.

Check out their website at parkandplayusa.com to get started on your new project!

Growth from Within

Besides the new family members and companies entering the Blue Family, we have also had a few exciting promotions from within the company. Kyle Young has been promoted from his role as an Auto CAD Draftperson to Fabrication Manager, John Currier has been promoted to the role of Vice President- Environmental Health and Safety & Assess Management, Darcy Putnam has been promoted to the role of Director of Administrator Services, and Chris Westerholm has been promoted to the role of Logistics Coordinator.

We are very proud of all three individuals and their contributions to our company. We wish you all continued success!

DFC Company Rebrand

As a company who seems to continually grow in many ways, we wanted our branding to recognize this growth and allow for improved adaptability to keep moving forward.

We partnered up with Flint Group in Fargo on putting together these amazing new logos. Each individual entity has their own brandmark with the common abstract-d shape to tie it all together as DFC Company.

The “D” shape is composed of three parts to represent the three founders of Dakota Fence back in 1972. This graphic also sticks with the arrow concept as we are always moving forward and growing.

Celebrating Together

Fargo, ND Family Minot, ND Family Williston, ND Family Bismarck, ND Family

Although the past two years have been filled with distancing and isolation, we found some time in mid-October to come together and celebrate our new rebrand and launch of DFC Company internally.

In true Blue Family fashion, we went all out for this event. We had all four locations on a Teams call so that the rebrand and company launch would be announced simultaneously.

Joe Currier announcing the rebrand and launch of DFC Company

We kicked off the event with an address from our President, Joe Currier, and then led into an update on the background of the rebrand and the direction of our work moving forward.

Joe has been President of Dakota Fence since 2019, acting as General Counsel for the company prior to that. Joe is the son of Dave Currier, one of the three founders of our company. Dave’s two other children, Amy Mickelson and John Currier, are also both active in leading the company in different roles.

To celebrate the rebrand, we had to have some special surprises as well. Our first surprise was certainly a throwback to the beginnings of our company.

Throwing it Back, Waaayyy Back

To honor our longest-serving employee besides Dave Currier, our founder, we have added a special vehicle to our Blue Fleet. Bud Hagen has been an employee of Dakota Fence for over 47 years.

Bud rode into the happy hour in a baby blue 1983 Chevrolet El Camino with the original Dakota Fence logo branded on the side.

These unique cars were standard-issue sales vehicles for Dakota Fence in the beginnings of the company back in the 1980s. The functional “truck” bed proved to be very handy when bringing samples to clients.

Our other surprise to our Blue Family was the custom-designed Drekker Brewing beer cans and water bottles. Can you even say you went through a rebrand if you don’t have custom beverage labels to show for it?

These one-of-a-kind gifts were handed out to all our employees to show off that fancy new abstract-“d” shape which will help propel us forward as DFC Company.

Holiday Cheer

As we enter the holiday season, we are excited to announce that DFC Company has a holiday light display at Lindenwood Park in Fargo. Our amazing team pulled off a wonderful display to not only represent our companies, but to show off our new branding and how it ties together with our Blue Family while supporting an amazing cause locally.

Our amazing set-up team. Our Marketing Generalist, Becki, showing off her hard work.

The Lights at Lindenwood, sponsored by the F-M Sertoma Club is a yearly fundraising event for the Emergency Food Pantry, First Link, Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation, No Milk, North Dakota Assistive, A Place for Hope — Recover and Wellness Center, the Great Plains Food Bank, and Hope Inc..

Be sure to take a drive through the park to see all the displays through December 31st and support local nonprofits.

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